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New Parquet Care… and your parquet will come back as new!

Quality and innovation are at the forefront for Allegrini. That's why every day we study the characteristics of products in the name of excellence and progress, often indicating trend of our in... Read more

Allegrini is Ecolabel

An all-around innovation in full compliance with the environment, in line with the principle of quality in harmony with nature: this is the Allegrini goal proved by what we have done throughout our hi... Read more

New inox ok liquido, for flawless polishing and protection

With over 70 years of experience, Allegrini is always beside its customers.   From scientific tests, scrupulously elaborated by laboratories R&D, comes the new Allegrini best solution: ... Read more

Allegrini Emozioni Italiane spray formulation

Perfuming your space is a natural need, because olfactory perceptions by which we are surrounded are necessary to achieve and maintain a state of mental and physical harmony. Scientific studies sho... Read more

Allegrini Emozioni Italiane no gas with odour absorbing molecule

We developed the NEW ALLEGRINI LINE EMOZIONI ITALIANE - NO GAS in a bottle of 500ml: liquid deodorising freshener with odour absorbing molecule. The innovative formulations, in alcoholic suspension, r... Read more

New fabric softeners 4 LAV POP

The fragrances contained in the softeners designed for the professional sector often do not ensure a lasting effect because their fragrance is destined to fade during the ironing phase, because of the... Read more

New JP Ready for H.A.C.C.P. system

Regarding the kitchen hygiene, prevention against contamination and food poisoning is undoubtedly correlated, in a very important way, to the environment and equipment cleaning.   The clean ... Read more


Online the new video!

Big cleaning companies, catering companies and structures must guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of large environments, with an eye to costs and manage inve... Read more

The METHOD FM5 of ALLEGRINI has gained the SMART LABEL recognition

The FM5 method of Allegrini has obtained the SMART LABEL, the recognition of the innovation in the hospitality sector promoted by HOST- Fiera Milano in collaboration with SMART label i... Read more


From the 23th to 27th October 2015, Milan will be the capital of the professional welcome: 14 complementary and synergic pavilions, thanks to an expositive layout able to interact both the productive ... Read more

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